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The Disturbance Fields - Epic#4 w-NEW GUITAR PICK!

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Edison's Children CD #4... "The Disturbance Fields"

new Edison's Children Guitar Pick with the album cover

Washed Away
i.– Captain’s Ledger
ii.– A Random Occurrence
iii.– Calm Before The Storm
iv.– Asphyxiation
v.– Famous Last Words
vi.– The Approaching Front
vii.– Indigenous
viii.– The Surge
ix.– Navigating the Fog
x.– A Cold Gray Morning
xi.– Into The Dead Calm
xii.– The Tempest
xiii.– A Random Disturbance
xiv. – The Confluence
1.– Convergence
2.– The Calm Before...
3.– Landfall
4.– Emergence of the Eye
5.– Lost At Sea
6.– Resurgence
7.– Whirlpool
xv.– Epitaph
1.– Into the Abyss
2.– Called off the Search

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